Getting to know these marvellous soles!

After our first real photoshoot here comes our first real post! Better get to know these soles, you might be looking at them for a long time! They are indeed addictive, wouldn’t you say? 🙂 


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  1. Dick McGriff says:

    Amazing soles. I love the shape of your toe pads underneath and the size and length of your soles. The toenails are hot as well. I would seriously love to worship these feet with my tongue.

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    1. feetden says:

      Thank you so much! ^^


  2. shiki says:

    Oh how your feet are amazing. Too have them come to me, after probably wearing knee high socks or thigh highs, to get them to relax on my lap. All while you’re rubbing my cock and making me get hard as time goes by. Then when its time, your feet rub against my bare cock and rub slowly in order to make me get as hard as your going to see it. Getting one of your stockings off, you wrap it around my cock and rubbing with one foot bare, and the other in your other stocking. And getting a big load of cum on your feet. Oh, plus this is before you would have to leave for work. You will have my cum dry on your feet while at work

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    1. Simeon says:

      Wonderfull feet 👣👣👣 makes me hard as hell 😉

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