Let’s talk about your fantasies… 

Every single foot fetishist I have ever met (and there’s quite a lot of them) had his own personal fantasies. Dreams, they wanted to come true. Experience they would never say no to. And each one of them was different! 

One of them dreamed of a hot neigbour girl letting him worship her sweaty soles, the other of his sexy teacher punishing (well, “punishing“) him with trampling and gagging on her feet on detention; there was even one that fantacized about getting a footjob from his own cousin. 

I judge no one. After all this is a den for all of us to feel safe and comfortable! A place where all of our fantasies should have their place. 🙂

Talk to me about yours! Be very descriptive, go into detail. Be poetic, if you like, share a story with us. Describe your ideal feet and their owner, the perfect circumstances for you to enjoy them!

Believe me when I say that everything you share is important for the future of FeetDen. It is here to help you fulfill your feet dreams! 

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Looking forward for your comments! :*


11 Comments Add yours

  1. Camilo says:

    My fantacy about feet. Is yo be White slender White female feet. Tha humilite me. Tha use ver White feet to make me creo inferior to her. Tha trampling me. Tha Guime a Kick un the balls. I Will worship amo of ver pretty White female feet.her shous. Her Boot. Her Open sandalia. Her step. Drink woter from her feet. ..


  2. Johnthefootlover says:

    Well i found i had foot fetish since i was 13 yo, i felt weird when all guys my age were checking asses and boobs… and all what I did was looking down to check if they r wearing flip flops or sandals to get a peak on those lil toes!
    Love girls feet of all ages… like starting from teens till 60’s i guess… older than that r no good for foot play! Hehe
    My favorite foot had been always latina feet… these girls just kill me with their feet shape… never like never ever saw latina feet and hated it! Just love the latina spice in their feet! The toe shape…their arches… everything!!!
    For my fantasy is that im a submissive and had been always fascinated by anal domination, humiliation and feet had been always my thing! So i have always wanted something that mixes all 3 together and become only one thing! ”The Toe Fuck”
    Its simple it goes around being anally fucked by the big toe either by doggy or cowgirl for me… so im being fucked by the thing i love most by my queen… big toe size would be a nice tool for anal domination and delivering pain too as well as being humiliated that im being erotically pleasured by a toe in ass and may end up cum all over her legs by this prostate massage and lick t clean too!!!


  3. 1uwg says:

    in general I like soft neat feet with long/slender toes and nicely done nails. doesn’t matter if they’re natural or with some nail polish (if so I prefer black, red or white). I also like them slightly smelly. nylons are great too.
    I have two big fantasies regarding feet, #1: being tied up and forced to smell and worship a pair of sexy feet fresh out of shoes. can be sneakers with sneaker socks or flats/heels with sheer nylons. after some sniffing and kissing I put the socks/nylons off wih my mouth and getting them put into my mouth. the sexy feet are teasing me, stroking my face, soft moves and touches across my body, toe wiggling, putting the soles close to my face, etc. I can only watch and smell them until I can’t resist any more. Then I am allowed to kiss, lick, suck her bare feet and receiving a nice hj/bj.
    #2: being in bed with a sexy girl and worshipping her feet during sex. She loves it and begs me to go on and I gently lick and suck her toes. She moans and I keep worshipping until she gets off.

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  4. sam brown says:

    i just find women’s feet in sandals sexy, i do enjoy sucking toes and massaging feet too

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  5. Scott Birnbaum says:

    My fantasy is pretty simple. I’d love to worship your bare feet, sweaty or clean, all day. No time limit at all.

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  6. Kenneth Lowe says:

    I have a shoe fetish for hot women’s shoes. I love to cum in them and smell them if she is attractive and clean but my fantasy is to lay on my back on the floor with my dick sticking through the hole of a cock table cock box. While you sit in a chair or on the couch watching Tv or reading a book or on the computer gently no pain step on my cock with shoes. I love classic closed toed pumps no platforms. Also love flats. Also love several girls like at a party happily taking turns stepping on my cock. Also love women crushing but not the extreme stuff.

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  7. Kyle says:

    My roommate coming home from the gym, she strips off her socks and thinks as a prank she sneaks up behind me and covers my face with her sweaty smelly socks and hears me start to moan as i breathe deep. She calls me a perv but comes around the couch and tells me to rub her feet. Then gets me to kiss and lick them clean before she strokes me with her feet until i cum on them. And then she has me lick my cum off her feet.

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    1. feetden says:

      Thank you! Exactly the kind of stuff I meant! ^^


      1. Kyle says:

        I think about it often so it was very easy to put into words.

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  8. Joshua McCaulley says:

    Well one of my fantasies was to be tied to a chair and forced to sniff the stinky feet of chubby girls. Then there would be this one girl that walks in and she would proceed to stroke my cock with one foot while the others tpok turns making me suck their toes.

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  9. Sweetfeet97 says:

    One of my personal fantasies is to fuck a girl’s bare feet and soles, one foot at a time and both at the same time, until I just keep cumming and cumming on them till my balls are completely drained lol

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