Poll: What’s your favourite foot fetish activity?

We all know the world of foot lovers is full of possibilities. We all love the aesthetics of feet. And we all love different things regarding them. Do you enjoy giving or receiving massages? Do you like to suck on big toes? Giving or receiving footjobs? Let everyone know what the most pleasurable foot fetish experience look like!

Feel free to add any further thoughts to the comment section 🙂


6 Comments Add yours

  1. lijones says:

    watching them come out of a nice pair of shoes and work the big pedals of a 1972 oldsmobile 98 or any other of my mom in laws cars


  2. asianFeetish says:

    I’ll add “giving foot massage”

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    1. feetden says:

      I believe you can add it yourself if you write in into the ‘Other:’ box! ^^


  3. You should add Trampling as a foot fetish activity.


    1. feetden says:

      Hey, you can add your own options by typing them into the ‘Other:’ box! 🙂

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      1. Just did i really like the wordpress site that you made.

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