Showing off the Lady’s ankles and toes

After  a day’s pause we are back again to share the beauty of our Lady’s feet with you who admire it so much.

This is the last of the sets we took before she left for holidays (how was your Easter? :)), and now that she’s returned, there’s plenty of new material coming your way! Among others, we are planning to put together a short interview with The Lady herself, with permanent AMA in the comments, where you can direct any questions to her and she will try to answer them all herself!

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And now, here for your pleasure, The Lady’s sweet feet, ankles and toes. Show some love for them in the comments section below!

P.S.: Have you already shared your secret fantasies with us and voted for your favourite foot fetish related activity? No? Then go ahead and do so now!


One Comment Add yours

  1. shiki says:

    How i want these amazing feet to rub my cock so much that it goes all around my hard shaft and let me cover them in my cum


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