Taking off Lady’s socks after a long day at work

Last week was very tiring for our Den Lady. On Friday, she had to spend a few extra hours at work and so once she got home, she and her feet as well were very tired and deserved some rest. That is why she went straight for the bed and let me slowly take off her sweaty socks before massaging her sexy soles.

We didn’t hesitate and took a few pictures too! You can see how her socks were slowly removed, and afterwards there was still some of them left between her cute toes. They really were sweaty! And smelled wonderfully, that’s for sure.

Would you like to bury your noses between these toes? I’m sure you would. But could you? Well, perhaps once you could. But you’ll need to come over, don’t expect them to walk all the way to you! ^^

These socks were aterwards sold to a lucky buyer, who has ordered them to be sweaty and worn a few days before. Hopefully he’s as happy with them as he can be. Who will be the next buyer though? Let us know if you would be ineterested. Here’s our little gallery for today:

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3 thoughts on “Taking off Lady’s socks after a long day at work

  1. thats exactly pretty much what makes my mind go blank.. the idea of untie the shoes.. take of the sox.. and enjoy the direct scent and smell and whatever of those sexy looking feet!


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