Poll: When did you realize you have a Foot Fetish?

It’s time to do some research! Our Den is growing steadily (have you subscribed to our e-mail list and followed our Twitter and Instagram yet?) and we want it to become a community eventually. And a community is about communication more than anything else!

It is safe to asume that all of you reading this post have the soft spot for a pair of cute women’s footsies in your lap (like mine!). What we were thinking about and wanted to ask you is: When was it you knew feet were your thing? Have you known since always? Early childhood? Teens? Even later?
Don’t forget to add your story in the comments! How did it happen? Were you admiring a family member’s feet as a child? Fantacized about a teacher’s soles on your face? Or did one of your early girlfriends enjoy foot massages a bit too much? We are curious people in the Den, please share yourselves with the others and be open for discussion!

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  1. greg says:

    The first time I noticed I liked the way feet looked, I was a freshman in high school. This would’ve been 2007. I was one of two freshmen boys in a chemistry class, which was great because there were a bunch of pretty sophomore and junior girls in that class that thought I was cute but definitely not boyfriend material, so they were really nice to me. It was April, I think; girls had started wearing flip-flops and jean miniskirts again after the winter got over. Sitting in those classes was really nice because upskirts happened all the time, and sometimes we’d be sitting with our desks in a circle or a U-shape and I’d be able to take glances at the girl across from me and see her panties all class period. I always wondered if they knew what I was doing, and if they liked being watched.

    Anyway, the girl sitting diagonally in front of me was wearing yellow flip flops and she would never take them off, but she would sit forward in her desk with her feet back so just her toes and the balls of her feet were making contact with her sandals, leaving both her soles from arch to heel stretched out in plain view. I was mesmerized by them. I didn’t understand why I was so attracted to the way this girl’s feet arched up and stretched out in front of me. She was cute, for sure, but I had only ever been turned on by conventional things until that point. But 14 year old me was extremely aroused by what he was seeing, and I jerked off to the thought of her feet in those flip flops later that night, and looked forward to seeing them the next day. From then on I was hooked, and seeing the soles of girls’ feet in porn and real life has always been a nice little treat on top of the conventional turn-ons most guys have.

    Another early experience I remember came from when I first started watching internet porn. There was a semi-amateur pornstar named Raven Riley who would make homemade videos with her boyfriend and post them on her site, and sometimes she’d have pro shoots. There was a video where she starts with a blowjob and then starts riding his cock with the camera between the guy’s legs so you can see all the action. As she gets really into it she puts her ankles on his legs to get leverage and you can see her grinding the tops of her feet into her legs with her soles just kind of writhing and stretching, close up, in full view of the camera. She had beautiful feet and there was a solo scene in the same video where her soles were on display the whole time. I should find that video.

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    1. feetden says:

      You should! I remember Raven Riley and would love to watch that. Let me know if you find it 🙂


  2. Camilo says:

    Thanks a lot. White superior girl feet.. i worship. The pretty White feet . Like tours.


    1. Habanita says:

      Hi Camilo, will you enjoy my footwear?


  3. shiki says:

    Tough to actually know when it did start, but im sure early childhood was when i was curious about women’s feet

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  4. Julio says:

    Started in elementary school and have loved then ever since!

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  5. Kyle says:

    I can remember one of my high school teachers, she’d sit on her desk in front of the class, dangling her heel off her foot for the whole hour when we’d take tests. I’d always finish early, so I could watch her longer,


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