Rebecca’s Cheesecake Squash!

Today we bring you another submission we have received – we are still open to them! – this time by courtesy of an amazing foot photographer, who calls himself Fet-Art-Images.

The model in the following gallery is a lovely 24 y/o girl named Rebecca from Lancashire, UK. She has tiny UK size 3 feet with beautiful bordeaux pedicure and she has taken up to crush a tasty piece of cheesecake – apparently to make it even more tasty! – and then put on her lovely open toed heels to pose for some picture for Fet-Art-Images.

If you like his work, be sure to support him in the comments section below, so we all know you want to see more of his work on FeetDen! Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog by e-mail and follow our Instagram and Twitter! Enjoy the gallery 🙂


3 Comments Add yours

  1. sheenv says:

    Beautiful! I’d love to clean up Her feet!


  2. Ast Art says:

    Hiya its Carl Off Fetlife, have you changed your mind about using Rebeccas foot images?

    I do have some of Teelas feet ?

    Regards Carl



  3. Kenneth Lowe says:

    Not interested in barefoot or food crush. Live crush only larger stuff.


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