The Den Lady’s Black Nylons

The Den Lady’s feet felt sore and sweaty after her long day at work, yet she did not hesitate to show them off in her black nylons! Who will be the one to get them?

Let’s talk about your fantasies… 

Every foot fetishist has his own dreams. What are yours?

Poll: What’s your favourite foot fetish activity?

We all know the world of foot lovers is full of possibilities. We all love the aesthetics of feet. And we all love different things regarding them. Do you enjoy giving or receiving massages? Do you like to suck on big toes? Giving or receiving footjobs? Let everyone know what the most pleasurable foot fetish…

Getting to know these marvellous soles!

After our first real photoshoot here comes our first real post! Better get to know these soles, you might be looking at them for a long time! They are indeed addictive, wouldn’t you say? 🙂